Mary Barnes

  • Mixed media, jewelry, art journaling
  • Birthplace: St Louis, Missouri
  • Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Mary Barnes is an American self-taught visual artist from St Louis, Missouri who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Her designs span a broad spectrum of artistic techniques used in creating mixed media paintings, art journals, collage, assemblage, jewelry design and intuitive scripting.

Artist Bio

Former President and Co-Founder of Water Tree Arts Center (WTAC) a non-profit organization which served the community as a multicultural center for the arts.

Former Program Director for The Tree House and The Tree House Studio which was affiliated with Water Tree Arts Center. Programs developed through Tree House were designed as visual and performing art classes for children in the community.

Former co-owner of Essentially Art, which dealt primarily with the sale of original handcrafted art and home accessories. Most goods sold were limited edition or one-of-a-kind pieces sold at fine art shows, trade show venues and on consignment.